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Need some help paying for rent and paying back a friend for our light bill. →


So my family and I have been having a hard time getting back on our feet since we moved in with my dad. No one has been able to get a job so far, and dad’s only giving us until the beginning of next month to find a solution.

We found a program that will help us with the deposit on a place but we need $400 for the first month’s rent. On top of that I had to borrow some money from a friend in order to pay the light bill and I need to pay him back as soon as possible. I owe him $256, so in total we need to get at least $656 as soon as we can. 

I hate to ask, but we could really use the help right now. There’s a paypal donation button in the top left corner of my blog, if you can please donate, and reblog.

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If you want to be truly human you mustn’t kill people.
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